Our Services

We can do the complete package from design, to construction, to complete installation

Material Sourcing & Supply

Art is our passion

We are passionate about collaborating with people and organisations to bring quality, meaningful public art for the beautification of our country.

Our goal is to help clients find best artists and artists realise their work. We have variety of services for artists and clients to make all great art projects come to reality!

Pricing Model

All of our artworks and products are bespoke. They are designed to order and unique. Prices for individual pieces can be calculated upon request.

If you seek our assistance in creating your own artwork, our prices are not exorbitant and are intended to make your design a realistic proposition.

The great advantage that we have is that our partnerships and long-standing relationships with a large resource of suppliers, designers, engineers, graphic artists, fabricators and science experts means that we have access to quality materials and services at competitive prices.

This is passed on to our clients and collaborators.

We do not charge a membership fee.
Our aim is to facilitate the creation of beautiful, quality art without the draining of resources through unnecessary agencies and administration.

We do not believe in paying others to complete procedures which we are more than capable of ourselves.
We also offer, free of charge, cross-promotional opportunities whereby we link to your website and host examples of your work on our site.
Working together helps us fight the rorting of the arts and cultures system.