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We do the complete package from design, to construction, to complete installation!

Services For Artists

Collaborate with our team to bring your ideas to life!

We are a collaborating group of artists, engineers, skilled tradies and designers.

Together we brainstorm, draw, share graphic design skills, present, promote, certify, source, budget, project-manage, fabricate, deliver and install. As an artist you can dip into our skill-set and select whatever you need to make your project come to life.

With access to a wealth of skills over an incredible range of media, we are available to assist artists in the production of their work.

We offer everything from graphic design, illustration, and model-making to material-sourcing, fabrication, workspace, certification and installation.

We work closely with you to bring your ideas to fruition. Nothing is impossible. You can be assured that you will receive the best help, quality materials and workmanship.

You will also join a growing band of artists, designers, architects and entrepreneurs who share their skills and buck the system.

Collaboration With Artists

Chris Calcutt

Capral Globe

Capral Aluminum, Melbourne

Peter Farmer Jr.

Peter & Miranda Farmer

Kim Fitzpatrick

Kylie Graham

Marco Jansen

Roger McFarlane

Kerry Nobbs

Denise Pepper

Jahne Rees

Daniel Smith

Smith Sculptors

Carol Stevens

James Voller

Services For Clients

Years of proven success in the public art arena.

We possess all the skills necessary to see a project from original idea to structurally certified installation.

Share ideas and knowledge with us to bring your concept to fruition.

We research. We explore quality materials and fabrication methods. We provide structural certification of our projects. We provide the best standards of fabrication and installation. We provide excellence in value for money.

Our work is only ever of the highest quality and built from premium materials.

As a one stop shop the journey is a simple one.

Our Partners and Clients


Pricing Model

All of our artworks and products are bespoke. They are designed to order and unique. Prices for individual pieces can be calculated upon request.

If you seek our assistance in creating your own artwork, our prices are not exorbitant and are intended to make your design a realistic proposition.

The great advantage that we have is that our partnerships and long-standing relationships with a large resource of suppliers, designers, engineers, graphic artists, fabricators and science experts means that we have access to quality materials and services at competitive prices.

This is passed on to our clients and collaborators.

We do not charge a membership fee.

Our aim is to facilitate the creation of beautiful, quality art without the draining of resources through unnecessary agencies and administration.

We do not believe in paying others to complete procedures which we are more than capable of ourselves.
We also offer, free of charge, cross-promotional opportunities whereby we link to your website and host examples of your work on our site.
Working together helps us fight the rorting of the arts and cultures system.