We draw from an extensive range of  versatile materials to help create wholly unique, durable, and high-quality products and art works.


Great eco-friendly thermoplastic material that can be used in a wide range of our products. The main features are its lightweight, UV protection, transparency, clarity and high gloss.

Anodised Aluminium

UV resistant, anti-graffiti, environmentally friendly and a great long-term money saver, which is easy to maintain. It has rich metallic appearance and it is very durable.


Bronze is durable and offers a traditional, high quality material for your signage or art project.

Corten (WR350)

Corten is a strong, durable material which has a different chemical composition to standard mild steel. This gives the WR350 a superior corrosion resistance of approximately 3 to 4 times that of mild steel. However, unlike conventional mild or structural steel, corten is structurally designed to form a protective layer or patina of iron oxide around the outside surface. The presence of certain alloys within the steel help prevent the external surface rust from sinking any deeper into the steel below. The offshoot of this is a truly rustic look without compromising tensile, compressive or shear strength.


Artforms ceramic tile installation for the City of Cockburn Nobel Prize Winner Walk. Printed ceramic tiles were chosen to provide a durable, brightly coloured inserts into an educational pavement artwork commemorating Nobel Prize winners on Spearwood Avenue.

Combined Material

This is a screen which combines corten and stainless steel to form a truly remarkable piece. The screen uses the technique of laser cut artwork which allows natural light to shine through by day. It can be also lit by LED lighting at night. This was designed to be an interactive and educational sculpture. The leaf-shaped screens depict indigenous medicinal plants native to WA.

Sub-Surface Laser

Marking Metal Laser | Glass Laser

This technique uses a coordinate 3D laser system. The laser can travel through glass and is focused much like a magnifying glass. The laser is concentrated to pinpoint accuracy, putting a microscopic fracture into the material surface at hundreds of dots per second. The positions of these dots are determined by 3D coordinate and special software which spaces the dots so they don’t clash.

Artforms uses our large, flatbed laser to sub-surface etch into materials such as black granite, marble, glass, anodised aluminium, wood, and mirrored surfaces.

Stained Glass

Glass is a material which is perfect for artworks as it is reflective and refractive. During the day, coloured glass reflects light from its outside surfaces, and as such is lustrous and beautiful. When light is cast through it, its refractive properties causes light to scatter, creating a warm coloured glow. The Artforms team are experts in glass art. We can commission artists for design and manufacture, and organise installation for glass artworks with front, side or rear LED lighting.

Stainless Steel

Available in a variety of grades, including 304 (Industrial) and 316 (Marine). Stainless steel is formulated not to rust. It will maintain its lustre even in the toughest of conditions. For those in coastal properties we recommend using 316 grade for additional protection against salt-accelerated corrosion.

Artforms uses stainless steel in a wide range of signage and artworks.


We are able to use our design capabilities to create original laser etched work in wood. Customers can use our design systems to create designs or work with our graphics team to create something truly personal. As well as chopping boards and doorstops, we have laser etched into wood to make bespoke labels, shop signs, artworks, business cards and wedding mementoes.

Vitreous Enamel

Our vitreous enamel can be used as a modern, easy to maintain base for stoves and heaters. They can be used alone or in combination with stove back-plates and surrounds to create an exceptional heat resistant solution to your fireplace design.

Artforms also creates vitreous enamel signage, which we choose to use because of its durability and because it does not burn. This makes it the obvious choice for bushfire-prone areas.

Vitreous enamel lasts many times more longer than powder-coating or any other metal finish when exposed to the sun. It is easy to clean, vandal-proof, hygienic, and made from 100% recycled materials.

Fused Glass

A combination of compatible, clear and mixed coloured glass which can be manipulated into artistic creative designs. The glass is brought up to melting temperature 800 degree celsius so it fuses together to form one piece of glass. Glass can also be slumped into various shapes and sizes.

Artforms works with glass artist Kim Fitzpatrick to frame, illuminate, and install fused glass water features.

Granite and Other Stone

Artforms likes to use granite because of its excellent structural properties. It polishes to a mirror finish, and can be easily cut and sandblasted with the appropriate tools. It is very hard and has high compressive and shear strength, making it an excellent choice for many public art objects.

We use the purest high quality black granite for our sub-surface laser work.

White marble can also be used for the lasering of photographic images.

Artforms projects have also utilised local WA sandstones.

Other Materials and Metals

  • Fibreglass
  • Titaniums
  • Metal Spray
  • Metal Plating
  • Paracord material
  • Bisalloy
  • Fibre-Reinforced Concrete