Capral Globe

Designed and fabricated by Albert de Boer and Artforms WA

Capral Aluminium asked Artforms WA to assist with the design and fabrication of a 1 metre diameter world globe for display at its stand at the Australian Manufacturing Week 2023 expo at the Melbourne Convention Centre.

Albert de Boer devised the fabrication methodology.

Capral supplied all the aluminium sheet and extrusions.  Capral cut the sheets to Artforms’ specifications.

The globe hemispheres were fabricated in a handmade concrete mould in our Bibra Lake workshop.

The individually cut aluminium extrusion pieces were all hand-finished.

Aluminium plates for the poles of the globe were dished to suit.

An internal rib framework was installed to provide extra strength.

Each extrusion was selected, placed and welded from the inside.

Albert designed a belt system for the equator so that the two hemispheres could be discreetly joined. The whole artwork is designed to be able to be de-constructed if necessary.

The plinth was made from folded, boxed aluminium sheet.

Each panel was anodised and laser etched with Capral’s design and logo.

The plinth was reinforced internally and fitted with lockable casters.

The globe was mounted on a routered, hand-finished support, cut by Capral from 40mm aluminium plate.

Albert de Boer devised the mounting system which allows the globe to smoothly rotate.

The finished globe and plinth were packed in a specially made crate for their journey to Melbourne.

At least nine other small WA businesses contributed to the creation of this artwork.