Leopard Heads

Rescue the failed artwork

Located at the end of Spearwood Avenue, City of Cockburn commissioned three leopard heads, forming part of a series of Sister Cities related artworks. They were to represent the fact that leopards were once used in Ancient Rome and Greece to guard city gates from marauders.


Local residents were extremely unhappy with the fibreglass artwork that wasn’t installed by Artforms, resulting in the leopards being set on fire to force their removal. Our team was asked to rescue the failed artwork. Both community and council required the original work to be replaced.


The team’s replacement work was constructed from solid granite. We used 3ds Max to create a model, and then exported a DXF file that our team of stonecutters could read. Designed and created in 2011, the three leopard heads are still proudly sitting at the end of Spearwood Avenue, Perth WA.