The Friendship Way

In recognition of the Sister City Relationship with the City of Mobile in Alabama, USA.

This wall displaying signal flags, marks the end of the City of Cockburn’s Friendship Way. This section of the road is dedicated to Cockburn’s Sister City, Mobile. The flags on the wall spell a popular Mobile greeting – Let the good times roll!

In 1815 Captain James Stirling conducted the evacuation of Fort Bower at Mobile, one of the closing engagements in the American British War. In 1829 Captain James Stirling arrived in Western Australia and established the Swan River Colony. Capitan Stirling was one of the first people to forge a link between Mobile and Cockburn. The signal flags recall this historical link.

A large blue hilltop sculpture opposite the flag wall continues the nautical theme. The shape of the sculpture is inspired by the cardinal navigation marker that signals passing vessels to pass south of this point. The sculpture was designed and fabricated by West Australian artist Tony Jones.

Let The Good Times Roll

The failing Friendship Way flags were brought back to life by Artforms, in new full colour lifetime images which have a 10 year guarantee. We created the artwork for each flag ready for printing onto aluminum. Each Flag has a stainless steel backing plaque to add strength and help with attachment to the wall. The flags spell out the popular Mobile greeting, ‘Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler’ which means ‘Let the good times roll’.