Treeby Banksia Pod Artworks – December 2022

Artist: Stephen Pennock

Art+ Banksia Pod

Stephen Pennock of Art+ approached Artforms in April 2022.

We worked together to take his initial concept and refine fabrication techniques.

Artforms WA suggested the system which it uses successfully to discreetly box and join aluminium plate.

We provided structural certification and coordinated between all parties to deliver two anodised aluminium banksia sculptures.

The aluminium was perforated and folded with complex angles.

Each piece was reworked by hand to produce smooth, accurate joins and overall finish.

The sections were anodised prior to construction.

Each piece was joined internally to disguise the fixing system resulting in clean lines.

Artforms devised reinforcements and a mounting methodology.

The artworks were anchored to their footings at our Bibra Lake workshops prior to delivery and installation.

Seven other small WA businesses supported the creation of these artworks.