The Space Between Us

By artists Kate Rae and Roly Skender

In 2020 Artforms was approached by first time sculptural artists, Kate Rae and Roly Skender, to fabricate their artwork. The artwork was made possible through the City of Vincent COVID Relief Project and Percent for Art Scheme. Their design was a series of sculptures exploring community and belonging through distance, space and time. The images are based on historical photographs from the City of Vincent Local History Centre. Originally to be installed in Hyde Park, the work was subject to a number of relocation issues which put it temporarily on hold. The impact of COVID 19 lockdowns and subsequent shortages played their part in delaying fabrication and installation, along with an incredibly wet winter. The artworks were finally installed in September 2021 in Beatty Park, on the corner of Charles Street and Vincent Street in the City of Vincent.

The shapes were mounted on stainless steel rectangular hollow section using a fully welded clamping system which we devised with Kate. The layered stainless steel plate holds the corten firmly in place. Stainless steel fixings give the impression of industrial scale rivets. Artforms organised structural certification of the artwork and its installation, prior to delivery and installation on site.

Six other small Western Australian companies collaborated with Artforms and benefitted from the creation of this artwork.