RSL Memorial Plaque

ANZAC House, Perth City Centre

In 2020 we were asked by the Returned Servicemen’s League to fabricate a memorial plaque for the opening of their new building in the Perth City centre.

The project evolved and changed multiple times during the design and production process. Each time we regrouped and adjusted according to amendments in funds and material choices.

The 8 metre work consisted of three boxed anodised aluminium panels.

Each panel was laser etched with the amended artworks – the central panel depicting Australian Defence Force emblems. Artwork on the outer panels included the Australian flag, fighter jets and an image of The HMAS Sydney. These panels also contained laser cut dropouts of WW1 soldiers.

The upper panels were anodised in light bronze. A contrasting dark bronze anodised aluminium was used to back the dropout sections. This also served to add strength to the panels.

The panels were delivered and installed onsite prior to the opening ceremony on November 12th 2020.