Negative Curl

By James Voller

In 2019 we were contacted by Melbourne artist, James Voller. James had been searching for assistance to fabricate a 7m long representation of a roll of photographic film, depicting the history of the surrounding area.
His design demanded images to be created on either side of the film strip and for the fabric to be curled to form the rolling effect.
Having had no luck in finding a fabricator with the necessary skills on the Eastern coast, James contacted us.

We investigated different materials and tested rolling techniques prior to production using miniature prototypes.
Having sourced aluminium of the required dimensions we arranged for anodising. We then modified our flatbed etching laser to enable such a large sheet of aluminium to pass through. We ran the laser constantly to etch James’ designs into both sides. Next the anodised aluminium was rolled on an angle to create the desired curling effect.
We designed and fabricated footing mounts and provided structural certification for the project.
We built a special crate to contain and protect the artwork on its overland journey to Victoria, ready for installation.