The Carers of Everything – Ethereal Hand

The Carers of Everything story brought to life in a 3D sculpture. We worked with City of Cockburn to capture the essence of the story.

We designedfabricatedsupplied and installed the combined corten and stainless steel sculpture, which stands 5 metres high on Spearwood Avenue.

The giant hand is a depiction of the indigenous myth ‘Carers of Everything’. The brief required the sculpture to achieve an ethereal, dream-like quality upon approach to the Hand as it’s solidity seems to vary dependent upon the angle of view. The initial design required 3D software modeling of a real human hand, from which DXF files were created to enable us to create coordinate files suitable for the laser cutting of the steel. An elaborate 3D interlocking, wire-framed structure was cut from 6mm corten steel. This was then welded together to create the finished structure. The stainless steel spherical balls were manufactured from 2.5mm 316 stainless steel which were metal spun and polished as hemispheres. These were then concrete-filled and embedded on site to prevent vandalism or theft. The hand itself was structurally certified along with the footings.