Coromandel Park – North Coogee – Shade Shelter Renovation

Artforms WA were approached by City of Cockburn to renovate a second failed shade shelter in the North Coogee area.

This second shelter is located in Coromandel Park, a beautiful relaxing communal area with lush grass edged with shade trees.

The existing shelter offered minimal shading over the seating below.

It is of a similar design to the shelter next to Coogee Beach, renovated by Artforms WA in 2020.

Image of the original shade shelter, prior to renovation.

The remit was to retain the legs and metal cross beams. The existing angled metal slatting was to be removed and replaced with marine aluminium sheeting above to create considerably more shade.

We attached artistic design panels below the roof and extended the upper supports to the western side with an angled frame. This would provide shade over an extended time period, as the sun descends.

This new framework supported further, matching artwork designs.

Artist Carol Stevens created the designs which feature New Holland Honey Eaters and the flowering plant pigface, both of which are found throughout the park.

The artworks are laser cut from the aluminium. They are designed to cast their shadows over the seating area as the sun lowers in the sky.

Three other small local businesses were supported in the creation of this shade shelter renovation.