Rotating House In Dwellingup

The Story

The concept for this private commission in 2003 grew from the donation of a 50 ton crane bed. The client’s idea was to design and construct a rotating house in the middle of a lake in Dwellingup, WA.

The Engineering Part

Using a light-weight truss frame construction, significant footings and an outboard stabilisation frame, the house was built with an unlimited 360 degree rotation capability.

We incorporated a 240V SEW Variable Speed Drive to adjust the rate of rotation between 3 Revolutions Per Minute and 1 Revolution Per Day.

Water services were connected using rotary glands at the centre of the house. Similarly, waste water services incorporated a macerator, pump and rotary glands, were connected centrally. The power supply was connected via carbon slip rings.


  • Rotation with 240 V SEW Variable Speed Drive
  • Rotation Speed range 3RPH – 1RPD
  • Portable water service through Rotary Glands
  • Waste Water service through macerator, pump and rotary glands
  • Power Supply via Carbon Slip Rings