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Glass Art

The Artforms team have expertise in working with glass.

We have our own in-house stained-glass specialists and we work in close collaboration with glass artist, Kim Fitzpatrick. Together we create fused glass water features in stainless steel frames. These can also be lit for great effect at night.

We use glass, combined with LED lighting systems, in our artworks and as a medium to allow light to penetrate our signs and plaques.

Our flatbed laser enables us to laser etch any image into the surface of glass or mirrors, to photographic quality.

We are able to laser designs into glass kitchen splashbacks, shower screens, mirrors, pool fences and any glass surface. We can also offer sub-surface lasering in glass, creating an image deep inside the glass rather than on the surface.

Our designs can be adapted to your requirements. Our extensive and deep knowledge of materials, finishes and fabrication methods provide you with crafted, durable, quality products.

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