Town of Mosman Park Granite Inlaid Plaques


Artforms WA was commissioned by the Town of Mosman Park to fabricate and install circular granite plaques for the beautiful scenic outlook at Mount Lyell.

The original bronze plaques were stolen, leaving ugly holes in the ground. Artforms WA was consulted to recommend the best method for replacing the plaques in a different material to bronze to avoid the danger of future theft.

Our suggestion was to recreate the originals in laser etched pure black granite. This would result in a far more economical solution without compromising on quality.

The council had limited information on the original designs. At Artforms WA we carefully recreated the six designs from old faxes and photographs.

The five smaller plaques were reverse etched onto 470 mm diameter, 50 mm thick granite circles.

The larger plaque was reverse etched onto a 1050 mm diameter, 50 mm thick granite circle.

The plaques were delivered and installed by Artforms WA.