Mel McClou – Wind Dancers – Kinetic Artwork

In November 2021 Artforms was approached by artist Mel McClou to assist with the design of her kinetic artwork – Wind Dancers.

The artwork was entered into Sculptures at Bathers 2022 at Bather’s Beach in Fremantle.

The work was to consist of five giant flowers. Each flower head was to be angled to catch the wind and spin.
Artforms WA provided Mel with design and fabrication advice.
We explained a simple mechanism for the construction, including bearings, support gusseting, base plates, footing
design and layered petal construction.

Picture Credit : Mel McClou

Artforms provided dimensions of components and advised on the choice of materials. We drew up cutting files for
the petals.

We provided Mel with structural certification for the structural elements of her work based on wind loading from
the five petals on each flower.
Mel was supported in her work with donations of aluminium by Capral Aluminium.