Kalgarin Entry Statement

Karlgarin is a small farming town, 313 kilometres and a four-hour drive from Perth. It has the motto, ‘Small but proud’, having a population of approximately 30 people. In 2010, Karlgarin was awarded the dubious honour of being the poorest town in WA.

Despite its size, Karlgarin has a strong and vibrant sense of community. The town residents were keen to celebrate the centenary and the survival of the town, despite the destruction of twelve buildings, including the school and shop, during a freak storm in 2013.

Over the following three years we consulted closely with a committee of residents over the design and location of the artwork. Numerous design amendments were made over a three-year period, until all committee members were satisfied with the overall design.

Designed by Carol Stevens, the entry statement stands at 2.7 metres high on the Kondinin-Hyden Road.