Capral Dinosaurs

In December 2021 Artforms WA was asked to fabricate two small one metre high 3D dinosaurs to be auctioned for charity.

We were provided with a T-Rex ‘kit’ of fossil pieces routed from aluminium sheet.

The next step was to build and then weld the complicated 3D jigsaw.

The dinosaurs were then powder coated by Southside Powder Coaters prior to delivery to Capral.

Following the success of the dinosaur auction, Capral requested four more dinosaurs in January 2022.

This time the tyrannosaurus fossil kits were considerably larger. The finished dinosaurs stood closer to 2 metres high and were approximately 3 metres in length.

The fabrication process was the same as for the smaller dinosaurs.

The powder coated T-Rexes attracted a great deal of attention on their journey to Capral’s offices on the back of our truck!