WA Parliamentary Mace

In 2018 we were contacted by the WA Parliament who were seeking a company to create two extremely accurate replica parliamentary maces for the purposes of display in the legislative assembly area.

The Mace

The original WA Mace was created in 1887 and is the oldest parliamentary Mace in Australia. We were commissioned to make a replica for the purpose of display in the Legislative Assembly Chamber.

A lengthy journey was undertaken researching and developing techniques for these highly complex reproductions.

Photographs and accurate measurements were taken of the original 1887 mace, the oldest in Australia. Detailed exploration followed into an array of molding and casting techniques.

Through a process of lost wax casting the replica maces were created in pieces allowing for the reproduction of every separate element of the original mace. These pieces were then carefully worked by hand to recreate the fine ornamentation and engravings. They were then joined together to produce the final maces. Gold plating finished the job and made the replicas indistinguishable from the 1887 mace.