Karlgarin Entry Statement Process

This is how we made it

Karlgarin is famous for its annual gilgie races which take place in April each year. A gilgie is a small species of local crayfish. During the races the gilgies are placed in the centre of a large circle, the winner being the first crayfish to cross the outer ring.

The town is also a receival site for Cooperative Bulk Handling, storing wheat in silos.

With these factors in mind, Carol Stevens designed a 3.5metre high gilgie claw from contrasting corten and stainless steel. One side of the claw houses the name of the town, the other has a design of wheat and the date of establishment of the town.

Karlgarin Entry Statement
Karlgarin Entry Statement

The two sides are lit internally using solar powered LED lights.

The artwork and its solar power system were delivered and installed prior to the Centenary celebrations on the 10th and 11th of October 2020.