We have made bollards from granite, carved stone, stainless steel and concrete in metal cladding.

Our granite bollard designs are polished pure black granite with laser etched designs. These are high quality artworks in their own right.

We can facilitate the fabrication of stone bollards using any 3D design.

Stainless steel
Our stainless steel light transmitting bollards contain LED lighting systems. They are designed to be laser cut to let the light permeate. These bollards can be highly polished or finished as required.

Concrete and metal artwork cladding
In the current world climate security bollards are becoming a necessity on our city streets. We have developed designs to clad these ugly street features, turning them from an eyesore into an artwork.
Our designs work in coreten, stainless and anodized aluminium.

Themed Light Bollards

These Indigenous Artwork Themed Light Bollards were created by resident engineering artist Albert De Boer, and indigenous artists Peter and Miranda Farmer. They are located in the Peace Gardens at Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital in Perth, WA. Reflecting sunlight during the day, the bollards light up the gardens at night. Made solely from marine grade stainless steel with laser cut artworks, the bollards are made in 6 different designs. All 4 sides of each bollard are laser cut with a different design. Each Bollard stands 1 metre high, they are dotted around the gardens lighting up the pathways and benches. The use of LEDs inside them, means that they put out light for thousands of hours with no globe changes. Beautiful and functional. These lights reflect the merger of indigenous tradition and modern technology. They offer up a stylish alternative to the ugly pre-fab cylindrical bollards they replaced, whilst also still being just as sturdy as their pre-fab counterparts. Our team of designers and engineers work together to produce quality lighting products that stand the test of time.

Granite Bollards

Not only can we make bollards out of stainless, we can also manufacture laser-etched solid granite bollards featuring our unique, hand-drawn Western Australian flora motifs. We also offer premium black granite bollards which can be laser etched with any design – images, logo or inscription. The granite bollards are very durable, strong and with a lifetime guarantee for the laser etching artwork.

These can be manufactured to any size with artwork on one or more sides. Other granite colours are available – please contact us for more information.

Security Bollards – Concept

Our design concept aims to beautify that which would otherwise be the purely functional.

Modern security issues demand the installation of visually unappealing concrete barriers. We would like to see these necessary eyesores contribute to the aesthetic of the city-scape. Our simple sleeve design can be adapted to suit individual projects and settings.