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Underwater Products

Our product range is not limited to ground or flying art objects. We are also happy to work with underwater works of art, as for example with Dive Trail at Coogee Beach. Our Engineer / Artist, Albert de Boer has worked closely with Cockburn Council to devise, fabricate and install features for the Dive Trail at Coogee Beach. The Trail surrounds the site of the wreck of The Omeo, which ran aground in 1905. Albert built a replica of a cannon from The Batavia and has fabricated a viewing porthole. He has also mounted and installed items dredged up from the Elizabeth Quay development, an anchor and a railway wheel. Albert also worked with the City of Cockburn to mount and install two large anchors, on the foreshore in Omeo Park above the site of The Dive Trail. Artificial reef was donated to The Trail by our partners, Navel Base company Subcon, who assisted with the installation of Albert’s cannon.

Our designs can be adapted to your requirements. Our extensive and deep knowledge of materials, finishes and fabrication methods provide you with crafted, durable, quality products.

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