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Vitreous Enamel Splashbacks

Vitreous enamel brings a completely unique element to kitchen design. Hygienic, highly durable and easy to clean, vitreous enamel is the perfect material for the kitchen. Vitreous enamel has been used commercially for many years in the food preparation and cooking environment. Now we offer you the opportunity to design your own piece of artwork to create a truly ‘one off’ kitchen.

Available in a range of sizes, our vitreous enamel splash backs are the ideal, practical choice for use behind cooking appliances and in place of tiles in kitchen areas. The vitreous enamel splashback is easy to install and has no grout to maintain or clean, creating a quality, bespoke backdrop which will not date. The magnetic metal layer means that the splashback can be used as pin board and the enamel surface doubles as a wipeable whiteboard – ideal for cafes. Heat resistant and super easy to wipe clean with minimal effort vitreous enamel splashbacks are ideal for installing behind cooking appliances.

The surface of smooth glass is layered over a choice of colours or designs on top of a metal base. Bespoke colours can be created to match your kitchen design. Choose from a wide range of designs or work with us to create your own personal artwork. The colours will not fade as the surface is sealed, which also makes it bacteria and germ resistant. The radiused edge provides a perfect finish. Vitreous enamel splashbacks are available in a range of sizes or made to measure.

The strength and durability of vitreous enamel makes it the perfect choice for kitchens, bathrooms, fire-surrounds and exterior usage.

Our designs can be adapted to your requirements. Our extensive and deep knowledge of materials, finishes and fabrication methods provide you with crafted, durable, quality products.

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