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Plaques & Plinths

Whether used to accompany an artwork, as an independent informational device, or as an artwork in their own right, we have produced a vast array of plaques and plinths which stand the test of time. Our plaques have been made from bronze, ceramics, granite and vitreous enamel.

We use the patented online design system available at to design and instantly price our plaques. Our bronze plaque designs are then sent directly to the Australian foundry. This relationship with the foundry saves on money but not on quality. We use only the best quality marine grade bronze to insure the highest degree of durability. We laser etch our own granite plaques in house using our flatbed laser. They can include photographic quality images, text and even Braille and QR codes. Our ceramic plaques can be used if colour is required. We design the plaques and work with our ceramic partner to produce them.

Vitreous enamel plaques have excellent durability as well as lasting colour. Modern manufacturing techniques have further improved the life expectancy of this exceptional material. We also use vitreous enamel to create kitchen splash-backs, bringing artwork to private kitchens.

Our designs can be adapted to your requirements. Our extensive and deep knowledge of materials, finishes and fabrication methods provide you with crafted, durable, quality products.

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