Commemorative Benches

Artforms bench artwork is first designed for either laser cutting or etching.

Files are created for either option.

The bench seat and rear panels made from 8mm thick aluminium.

They are prepared for anodising in the chosen colour.

Anodised aluminium is UV resistant and has a life expectancy at least 4 times as long as powder coating.

Commemorative Bench Routing
Commemorative Bench Routing
Commemorative Bench Routing

Anodising aluminium applies a hard, protective layer to the metal. The coating becomes part of the metal and cannot peel, chip or blister.

The frame is fabricated from more than 8 metres of stainless steel.

Stainless steel feet are added for increased durability and to allow the bench to be secured on site.

The frame is then powder-coated and the seat and rear panel attached.