Opportunities For Artists In Perth, Western Australia

We are here to collaborate with talents!

Artforms provides opportunities for local artists in Western Australia to make their wildest ideas come to reality. We support diversity and inclusion and everyone is welcomed to collaborate with us. We have an extensive portfolio of clients and collaborators, and we are keen for more public art projects. Artforms worked with art families, government, indigenous artists, councils and many others. We are here to connect people, collaborate and make public art happen.

So if you are an artist and you are looking for opportunities in Perth or WA, Artforms is here to collaborate and help your ideas come to reality!

What opportunities we provide




Our team can make your idea or concept become a real thing. We offer everything from pen and paper illustration and model-making to 3D computer software. Every great art, starts with an idea, so do not hesitate and ask us if we can help!

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Many prestigious public art projects requires complex mechanical or structural engineering, and it can bottleneck the process of creation or simply be too overwhelming for an artist to handle. Artforms is here to help! With years of experience in various engineering disciplines we can assist you at any stage, whether is a small mechanical certification or complex autonomous solution, there is no engineering problem that we cannot solve. So, if you feel stuck at the engineering part of your project, do not miss the opportunity and contact us today!

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Material Sourcing And Supply


Appropriate materials is the key to succeed in public art. We provide opportunity for Australian artists to access the best high-quality materials on the market. Our industry connections mean that we can pass the best prices on to you. We believe that a great public art work should only be made of durable, attractive and smart materials. Therefore we choose high grade materials such as bronze, glass, granite, fibre-reinforced concrete and others. So if you need to source great materials to create everlasting work of art, you know whom to contact.

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Our collective has been assisting artists in their fabrication need for over a decade. We do not cut corners and our standard is high! We care about delivering perfect, error-free and sustainable projects to our public. If you do so as well, contact us, and we will be able to help you out at your fabrication journey.

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We provide help to artists in installation process of large projects. We make this process painless and care-free. So if you have an art object sitting in your workshop, waiting for its hour, give us a call, and we will discuss the installation opportunity for your creation.

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Artforms provides the opportunity for Perth artists to access the largest flat-bed etching lasers in Australia. We can assist you with design for lasers, software modelling, materials for etching, and any other laser-related matter. For metal and larger cutting projects we work in tandem with local partner Aaron Walker who is vastly experienced in designing for laser cutting. We also have access to water-jet cutting and YAG laser etching.

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Our Community Grows Every Day

We worked with many artists and we are keen to work even more!

Waterfall in Perth Private Estate by designed and engineered Artforms

Past Clients

  • Australian Air Force
  • Action Laser
  • The Salvation Army
  • Subcon
  • Erilyan
  • Government of Western Australia
  • City of Stirling
  • City of Cockburn
  • City of Perth
  • Shire of Kondinin
  • Parliament of Western Australia
  • Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority
  • Eduworks Resources
  • Humphrey Homes
  • G & C Sheetmetal
  • TSG
  • Peritas
  • Returned & Services League Australia
  • MG Group

Past Collaborators

  • Kylie Graham
  • Kerry Nobbs
  • Joshua Webb
  • Daniel Browne
  • Rodger McFarlane
  • Peter & Miranda Farmer
  • Peter Farmer Jr
  • Smiths Sculptors
  • Linda Karfeld
  • Jahne Rees
  • James Voller
  • Denise Pepper
  • Carol Stevens
  • Chris Calcutt